Dataset Extensions by External Researchers

Left-Right Measures based on Manifesto Project Data

Datasets linked to the Manifesto Project Dataset

  • Party Facts links datasets on political parties and provides an online encyclopedia about parties and their history as recorded in social science datasets. The Manifesto Project's party codes are a core component of this project. Thus Party Facts currently provides links of manifesto parties to more than 60 other datasets.
  • Party Government Data Set updated by Seki & Williams: Katsunori Seki and Laron K. Williams updated the Woldendorp, Keman and Budge Party Government Dataset through 2014.
  • 'Most Important Problem'-Dataset: A dataset of 832,000 Americans' responses to the "most important problem" question from 1939-2015 composed by Heffington, Beomseob and Williams. Compatible with the MARPOR coding scheme.