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Measuring Policy Preferences

Since its formation as the Manifesto Research Group/Comparative Manifestos Project (MRG/CMP), the Manifesto Project has dealt with different aspects of political party performance as well as the structure and development of party systems. The project is based on quantitative content analyses of parties’ election programs from more than 50 countries covering all free, democratic elections since 1945. In 2003, the project received the American Political Science Association’s (APSA) award for the best data set in comparative politics.            Read More
MPPI    Mapping Policy Preferences I 25 countries 364 elections 288 parties 1991 manifestos
MPPII    Mapping Policy Preferences II 48 countries 180 elections 623 parties 1261 manifestos
MPDS2014b    Full Manifesto Project Dataset (version 2014b) 56 countries 663 elections 977 parties 3858 manifestos

Party Positions

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3786 Positions

Sentence Positions

35 as Data 776 as Scans

Source Documents

1843 Originals

Source Texts

1078 Texts
The project currently facilitates about 2,500 users from more than 750 academic institutions around the globe.
Its data is cited in more than 1,750 papers according to google scholar.


When using data covered by MPPI or MPPII, please cite the respective books, when using further documents and data not covered by the books (such as the data and document updates), please (unless no further version-specific citation is given) refer to:            Read More
2014 Volkens, Andrea Lehmann, Pola Merz, Nicolas Regel, Sven Werner, Annika with
Lacewell, Onawa Promise Schultze, Henrike

The Manifesto Data Collection. Manifesto Project (MRG/CMP/MARPOR). Version 2014b

Berlin: Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB)
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