Measuring Policy Preferences

Since its formation as the Manifesto Research Group/Comparative Manifestos Project (MRG/CMP), the Manifesto Project has dealt with different aspects of political party performance as well as the structure and development of party systems. The project is based on quantitative content analyses of parties’ election programs from more than 50 countries covering all free, democratic elections since 1945. In 2003, the project received the American Political Science Association’s (APSA) award for the best data set in comparative politics.            Read More

Recent News

Final program (as of 2015/06/01) and registration information for the Manifesto Project User Conference 2015 (June 4-5, 2015)

Update 2015a available


Version MPDS2015a
56 countries
673 elections
988 parties
3924 manifestos


1.915 Original Documents
1.693 Machine-Readable Documents
824 Scanned Documents with Codings
647 Documents with Digital Codings
2.000.197 Human-Coded Quasi-Sentences
610.494 Human-Coded Digital Quasi-Sentences


Volkens, Andrea / Lehmann, Pola / Matthieß, Theres / Merz, Nicolas / Regel, Sven / Werner, Annika (2015): The Manifesto Data Collection. Manifesto Project (MRG/CMP/MARPOR). Version 2015a. Berlin: Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB)
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