Party Voter Dataset


MARPOR compiled a combined data set which merges data from the Manife sto Data Collection with survey data. With this combined Party - Voter Data Set, we provide new possibilities for the study of the quality of representation. For the first time it is possible to address the question of how well voters (party supporters or un aligned citizens) are represented by parties on a broad empirical basis. This is possible as the combined data set provides information on the relationship between voters and parties on the individual level. The data is available cross - nationally and over - time. Using survey and election data, MARPOR therefore provides the relevant information to assess questions of representation and of the functioning of the delegation mechanisms from the represented voters to the representing parties in a broad comparative perspective.

Update 05.09.2018: We have added the unaligned voters to the Party Voter Dataset. The previous versions published here did not include them.

Data and Codebooks

Party Voter Dataset

Party Voter Election Level Dataset

Party Voter Party Level Dataset

Hint: An extensive handbook for the whole Party Voter Dataset is available . This is a prerelease.